3 Core Values of JIS

Respect - Commitment - Kindness

Members of the JIS staff spent time with all groups of the school community - staff, students, and parents to bring together what we believe as a community binds us together and also allows us to aspire towards. After many different suggestions it was agreed that our core values are best represented using the 3 words:


Respect for each other, our relationships, our surroundings, the environment, our learning  

Commitment to make a difference, to stay resilient and strong through adversity, to persevere in our learning, to develop, to improve, to move forwards

Kindness to all, to the world around us, to help, to support, to  offer encouragement, to be open minded, to be fair 



These words are used continuously around school to help us develop and improve our learning  and community. They exist alongside the I.B. Learner Profile and I.B. student attitudes to compliment and personalise them for our school and its community.

As our core values, they help to define who we are and what we aim to achieve.

Japanese International School

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