JIS Mission

Mission Statement

 'Through a positive learning environment, the Japanese International School respects the diversity of its community and provides quality education by empowering students to think, create, discover, solve problems, become responsible citizens, and achieve their personal best.'

Our vision is to create: educated, compassionate, creative, active and empowered citizens of the world.

written by JIS staff and community updated 2017


Our mission into the future with ICHK - a secondary school for all JIS students

Our future mission is enhanced with our involvement in the development of International College Hong Kong  (www.ichk.edu.hk ), in partnership two other international schools in Hong Kong - ICHK  (Primary) -Hong Lok Yuen and Kingston International School. ICHK allows us to build on our current mission by enhancing the education we offer at JIS into the realms of a quality secondary education up to year 13, and a full I.B. Diploma. This allows all JIS students and families, to have the benefit of 'through-train' planning for an education from age 4 - 18 years.

ICHK is an accredited I.B. School for the I.B. Diploma and is registered with the Council for International Schools. The school has also recently been nominated by Cambridge university (UK) to be one of the top 100 most innovative schools within the world. The curriculum innovation work within the school has been globally acknowledged.



We look forward to a continued, great future for the school and its partnership with JIS.


Japanese International School

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