Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Japanese International School for the school year 2020 - 21. JIS is a partner school with ICHK Secondary school.

This is our 23rd year of operation and we look to a great year ahead for all of the JIS community. Obviously we are all currently managing the realities of a global pandemic which is directly affectiing the operation of schools. We shall continue to try our best to engage with all our students  and the community. We  have all discovered the need for social contact and reassurance and so we are building in more connections with our students and staff in the coming weeks. It is of course a work in progress, but we stay strong in our resolve to do the best we can.

Looking back over the years, our school has been described by a local education journalist as 'the holy grail of international primary schools in Hong Kong'  - something we are very proud of.  The journalist noted further that we were 'a very small and authentic community school with creativity at the core, sharing an impressive campus and the facilties of a school ten times its size' .  We were also delighted to be nominated as 'one of the top ten international schools in Hong Kong'  in November 2018 by "Knowledge Revew' educational magazine. We continue to monitor the profile  of the school within the community and are constantly pushing boundaries and creating opportunities for all our students and community members.

We are therefore delighted to welcome you to our 'authentic' and 'creative' school and hope that you will be interested to become part of JIS and its vibrant community. 

The Japanese International School of Hong Kong opened in 1997 and has developed a very special niche in the provision of a top quality International School education within Hong Kong. On a large, purpose built campus in the North East New Territories of Hong Kong we provide a unique, multi-cultural context for our students. We are proud to be known as a very friendly school that offers all our families a strong commitment to education within a very special environment. 

We are an authorised IB (International Baccalaureate) 'World School' and therefore offer the PYP (Primary Years Programme) as our curriculum. Our school was evaulauted  by I.B. staff in May 2015 to very high acclaim and was commended on achieving above I.B. expectations in many areas of the school. We look forward to building on this success with our next evaluation which is now set to be in October 2020 (online!). Many of our students come from a range of nationalities and cultures and so our curriculum is designed to reflect this. We set ourselves high standards in all that we do, both through academic study and the provision of a broad curriculum that encompasses a wide range of creative activities, environmental and community awareness and outdoor education.

At JIS we offer a learning environment that offers top quality facilities, within unique rural surroundings, that are accessible from all areas of Hong Kong. Our students do come from a range of areas within Hong Kong and represent a wide range of cultures and nationalities.  

We are delighted to be able to offer a full 'through train' of education from 4 - 18 years with our direct links to 'International College Hong Kong' (ICHK) - an ideal educational opportunity for the New Territories district of Hong Kong ( ICHK opened in September 2009 as a partner secondary school for JIS students and since its inception has gone from strength to strength. The school is now recognised internationally through the Cambridge University Innovation 800 project as a world leader in curriculum design and innovation. Around 50% of our students choose to attend ICHK for secondary schooling, depending on their family residential location. We are a key part of the development of ICHK and offer Mr. Toby Newton and his staff at the college all our support in further developing this exciting initiative for education in Hong Kong and the future of JIS. 

I would like to invite you to come to visit our school to see for yourselves what JIS can offer you and your family. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Simon Walton

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Japanese International School

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