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 Japanese International School is a small I.B. World School in the New Territories of Hong Kong. The school has around 170 students from an average of 25 different  nationalities from around the world.

A JIS parent recently commented: "JIS is a powerful institution for nurturing confidence and rendering children not only learning ready but also life ready". (2018).

A local education journalist commented on JIS:

'It seems I may have found what many parents may consider as the holy grail of international primary schools in Hong Kong - a very small but authentic community school with creativity at the core, sharing an impressive campus and the facilities of a school ten times its size'

'Principal Walton leads a happy student body and a passionate, close-knit teaching staff with a kindness and patience that is unique in our bustling and overstimulated city... Surrounded by lush greenery, JIS  is located in a beautiful setting.'

What the parents and community say: (results from the JIS whole school community survey) 

100% - agreed that the current school mission statement clearly represents the International Section of Japanese International School, Tai Po

98% - agreed that JIS - International Section upholds the 3 key values of its vision for the staff, students and community  - RESPECT - COMMITMENT - KINDNESS

95% - agreed that the school  is developing its curriculum in a positive way for the benefit of students

97% - felt informed and that their child's class teacher gives relevant curriculum information about the work in their class

95%  -  felt that as a parent they can approach their  child's class teacher to arrange a meeting or gain information through email

94% - felt confident that JIS - International Section, is continually developing into an excellent I.B. primary school


Our commitment to our students and community is absolute and is encapsulated in our school vision:

'To create educated, creative, compassionate, active and empowered citizens of the world' 




Japanese International School

 4663 Tai Po Road ,Tai Po Kau, Tai Po, Hong Kong

  2834 3531         2652 2166         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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