Japanese International School is an international, co-educational school offering the I.B. Primary Years Programme for student from the age of 4 years old (Reception class) up until 11 years old (Primary 6). Our students come from all over the world and are taught in the medium of English.

Entry to the school is based on a completed application form, followed by an interview at the school. For younger children we try to arange group interviews in which the children can comfortably play and relax - 'playdate style'. Older students are sometimes interviewed in small groups or as individuals, should applications warrant this. The most important criteria for interview is the child's ability to comfortably access the curriculum of the school. The PYP programme is the school curriculum and is a language intensive programme taught in English. We require that the students are comfortable using English as a language of conversation, research and debate. We do offer ESL support for some students whom we believe will gain from our curriculum and who will contribute to the aims and mission statement of the school.


Reception Class interviews for August 2021 will be held in the week beginning 11th January 2021. All students who will be interviewed will be sent an appointment letter in December 2019. All applicants are asked to confirm their interview with the school office on #2834 3531. These interviews will be in groups and have a 'playdate' style structure allowing the children to participate in a range of activities in as stress-free an environment as possible.

Primary 1 Class interviews will be held in the week beginning 18th January 2021, shoudl there be availability. Places for Primary 1 will be limited to around 5 or 6 only, due to the presence of our Reception Class already in the school. Our Reception Class of around 22 students will become  around 25 in Primary 1, so we are able to admit more students for the following year.

Japanese International School

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