Camps and overseas trips

As part of our commitment to accessing local and global resources for learning, our students in Primary 4, 5 and 6 are all given the opportunity to participate in overnight trips or camps. These trips are well integrated within our curriculum and they offer the students some very unique and rewarding personal experiences.


Primary 4

Our P4 students participate in a two night adventure camp, exploring all aspects of ecosystems during their travels. They spend 2 nights in a fully equipped campsite, and spend time hiking, kayaking, exploring mangroves and wildlife in the marine reserves of Hong Kong. They also have the opportunity to learn archery, photography and many other exciting pursuits. Often this is the first time our students have been away from their families overnight, so it is a very exciting time!

Primary 5

In Primary 5, our students visit the hillsides of Nam Shan and Pui O beach on Lantau isalnd and get down and dirty with some real camping! The students are required to pitch their own tents as they spend one night in a forest campsite and one night at the seaside, near the beach. The students are also eager to engage in the bike riding, hiking, sand sculpture, seashore and forest ecosystem exploration that can be done during their two night stay. They also experience the ferry ride from Central to Lantau, with the dramatic skyline of Hong Kong on full view. This is a very tiring, yet rewarding trip for the students as they develop their personal independence and their class relationships are fully explored and consolidated, to set them in good stead for the rest of the school year.


Primary 6 (Note: in 2019 our P6 students visited Cambodia, Siem Reap as we were not able to visit China)

All the students at JIS look forward with much anticipation to Primary 6 when they can attend the five day, four night trip to Xi'an in China! This trip enables our students to develop an understanding of the importance that ancient civilisations play in our lives today. The highlight of this exciting adventure is visiting the world famous Terracotta Warriors. The students also have the opportunity to learn Tai Chi on the Xi'an city wall, visit a martial arts training school, make dumplings with a local family, cycle the 13km  ancient city  walls, visit some excellent museums and galleries and do some bargaining and spend some money in the muslim night market area of this fascinating city. The trip really is a memorable experience for all our Primary 6 students as they are away on an overseas journey without their families for an extended period of time! We stay in the 5* Sheraton Hotel and the students have the opportunity to develop greater independence as they prepare for secondary school. Most of our graduating P6 students will tell you that the highlight of all their school days in JIS was their trip to Xi'an!


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