Field Trips

At JIS we believe that our local and global environments are invaluable resources for assisting student learning. We provide relevant and engaging experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Field trips allow our students to gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience that cannot be replicated in a classroom. We regard the environment as one of 'members of staff'! There is so much to learn and explore by engaging in outside activities.


Students at JIS are given many opportunities to take their learning outside the classroom. Our students gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience from many places in Hong Kong and beyond. As part of our engaging curriculum, our students are often ‘out and about' utilising the many and varied learning experiences that are offered all around Hong Kong. The location of our school across the road from a very large country park - Tai Po Kau Country Park, allows us to use the local environment to explore aspects of what is sometimes referred to as 'forest curriculum'. To us it is the 'JIS curriculum' as we regard it as an integral part of all that we do. We have members of staff who are experienced and qualified in leading forest school based activities. They lead their own class and also accompany other groups on trips out od school.

For each Unit of Inquiry relevant visits may be planned or guest speakers invited in to school. Field trips are generally for the duration of the school day but when children reach Primary 4 and 5 they also have the opportunity to undertake a school camp for two nights. These are usually in the country park areas of Hong Kong or on Lantau Island.



In Primary 6 as part of one of their of Units of Inquiry the students are taken to Xian, China for a 5 day experience, to visit the Terracotta warrior Museum as well as other Chinese cultural relics in the area.  In 2019 our students went to Cambodia instead of China - which was a very successful trip. Please see our section on camps for more information.

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