Our library at JIS

Love of reading is widely encouraged at JIS and our library plays a central role in this mission.  Brimming with over 15,000 well-curated books and multimedia materials, the international section library aims to cater to every child’s reading ability and various interests.  In addition to our extensive collection of novels, picture books and nonfiction resources, our shelves are filled with special collections of early readers; multicultural books in different languages; teacher resources as well parent resources.  A catalogue of all our titles is available online and can be accessed from anywhere.


All students automatically become members of the library.   Each class has a designated library time every week, during which students can change their books, enjoy a read-aloud story, develop their research skills or just relax with a book.  The students are also to able visit the library on other days, to support their research or a to take part in an extra special class session.



At JIS, we also promote the library as a community space.  Families are invited to visit and enjoy a quiet time in this very special place in the school that boasts of not only stunning views, but also a tatami room - a library feature unique only to JIS (and a perfect place to snuggle up with a book!).  Parents are also encouraged to take home and enjoy our resources as well as apply for their very own library card.  And of course, with our ever growing collection of thousands of books, community volunteers to support the shelving, book covering and library displays are much appreciated! 


 Student Library:  Fridays

Parent Library:  2020 - to be confirmed

JIS Library Online Catalogue is available for students and families to use.


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