Science and Technology at JIS

Science and Technology is an integral part of the curriculum at JIS. Through the I.B. Primary Years Programme (PYP) the students have to study a unit of inquiry related to 'How the World Works' each year. These units of inquiry are mandatory for all year groups which ensures that the students get a broad balance of activities in science and technology thorugh out their time at our school. Through the strands of the science component of the PYP students will be researching and exploring 4 main strands:

  • Living Things
  • Earth and Space
  • Materials and Matter
  • Forces and energy 

There are several key statements in the Scope and Sequence documentation for the PYP that assist us planning our approach to this important area of study:

'It is recognised that teaching and learning science as a subject, while necessary is not sufficient. Of equal importance is the need to learn science in context, exploring content relevant to students, and transcending boundaries of the traditional subject area' - I.B. Science scope and sequence documentation.

'The science component of the PYP should be characterized by concepts and skills rather than by content. However, schools should ensure that a breadth and balance of science content is covered through the units of inquiry.' I.B. Science scope and sequence documentation.


Students are provided with a wide range of resources to support their inquiry and skill development. The skills are interwoven in planning documentation to ensure that understanding is developed through hands - on exploration and practical application of knowledge. We are  constantly using science skills to make sense of our world or using these skills in meaningful ways that students can relate to from their own experience.

Technology is intrinsically integrated within science but the students also have the opportunity to use ICT skills and digital devices for exploration and a wide range of practical kits to explore interesting technological and scientific concepts.

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