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Students at JIS are active and encouraged to be fit, healthy and enjoy an interest in sport and out door activities. As part  of our P.E. programme the students receive 3  sessions of timetabled activity per week. There is an outdoor 'pitch' based session on our astroturf field, a session in the school gym and a swimming session in the pool. The students are able to continue swimming sesisons all year round as the pool is indoor and fully heated.




The P.E. curriculum is integrated into the PYP curriculum as much as possible. Students learn to explore their own skills, capabilities and understandings through sport, adventure based activities and also outdoor explorations in the local forest (Tai Po Kau country park) located opposite to the school. Students are enncouraged to aim high and achieve a great deal through physical activity. The school may be small but we enjoy considerable success in a range of team and individual events around Hong Kong. Some of our swimmers are chosen to represent at district level and our teams have done well in a variety of sports.


Sports International Services is a private company that works within JIS campus to manage aspects of the swimming programmme and our provision for P.E. The staff of SIS Ltd work closely with the JIS staff in planning and implementing units of inquiry and our extensice after school activities programme. All students of JIS are offered a very wide range of after school activities by SIS  Ltd including; a variety of martial arts,  sports galore, dance, rope skipping and swimming. Students can enrol each term for these activities allowing them to try out a variety during the school year. Our school swimming team train regularly both after school and before school during the year and compete in a variety of events.

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