Extra curricular activities at JIS

At JIS we believe very strongly in the role of extra curriculuar activities and we encourage all students to get involved wherever  they can. Our programme is a mixture of privately operated courses and activities and those run by our in-house sports company - Sports International Services Ltd. Students will be offered the opportunity to join via newsletters and brochures at the beginning of each term, or the end of the previous term. All information is shared with the school community.

Currently the school is offering:

Ballet, Taekwondo, GleeClub / Mini stars run by outside agencies, marketed through the school

Chess club - is run by an outside agency when there is demand

Music lessons in a variety of instruments - organised through our school music department

Sports International Services: 

Monday: Skipping, Swimming, Karate

Tuesday: Jazz-Hip hop dance, Gymnastics, Swimming, Swimming Team - elite

Wednesday: Badminton, Swimming, Skipping - elite

Thursday: Swimming Trampoline, Swimming Team - elite 

Friday: Tap dance, Tennis, Tigers soccer, swimming

Saturday: Swimming Team - elite

During the school year a range of JIS class teachers and assistants run a variety of activities or clubs. We also arrange a whole school drama production every year, which involves some extra curricular time.




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