Our Facilities

Japanese International School is housed in a dynamic, spacious campus close to the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve in Tai Po. The building incorporates an International School and a Japanese Primary School within the same building. This allows for the provision of some superb facilities that are shared by both schools.

Swimming Pool

We are delighted to be able to offer to our students a superb indoor heated swimming pool facility. All our students are given swimming lessons on a weekly basis, taught by specialist staff.


Our school gymnasium is very large and offers the potential for a wide variety of indoor sporting activities, taught by our specialist Physical Education staff. The gymnasium also provides an ideal venue for concerts and whole-school events, with a full size stage, surround sound system, heating and air-conditioning.

‘All weather' astro-turf field and running track

Our outdoor provision includes large areas of shade for communal play and sport but also has the advantage of a large ‘all weather' field and running track, which is within the school grounds and accessible to all students.  Students have shared access to the field during break times and the field is also used for Physical Education lessons and extra-curricular activities. Having such facilities on campus enables all students to develop their fitness and sporting skills.


Specialist facility rooms

We are also able to provide specialist facility rooms which include: Mandarin room, Japanese room, Student Support Services room, Computer Lab, Art and Craft rooms, Food and Textiles room, 2 Libraries, 2 Music rooms and a large Drama or Multi- purpose performance room. The school uses these varied facilities to support the curriculum and Units of Inquiry. 


ICT and student access to digital technology

All students at JIS have access to a range of ICT hardware and technology. We have a purpose built ICT lab and wireless connectivity all around the building. Students have access to laptops and tablet computers to support their research and learning at any approprite time. Activities for programming and coding are offered using programmable toys and vehicles as part  of our ICT program.


Japanese International School

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