Student Support Services at JIS

At JIS, we strive to provide all children with access to an education that gives them the opportunity to achieve their personal potential. We believe that children learn best in an inclusive environment, which welcomes diversity and nurtures self-esteem.

We provide Student Support Services to support students who may need extra help in order to access the curriculum or may need further extension. The Student Support Coordinator is part of the collaborative planning, teaching and assessment team in each year group and, where possible, will offer support within the classroom context.  However, there will be times when students may need additional support outside the classroom. This may be for a short or extended time, depending on the student’s needs.

Where specific support is recommended by an outside agency the detailed nature of the support will be decided in collaboration with the student’s teachers, parents and Student Support and where appropriate Administration.  It may involve additional staffing of the classroom, 1-1 or small group withdrawal. It may also involve staff training and development to introduce the teacher to alternative instruction strategies which might be more effective in meeting student need. 

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