Student Well being at JIS

Why we value student well-being at JIS:

 Schools play an important role for developing positive emotions and school relationships, directly impacting student achievement potential.  At JIS, we are committed to providing an inclusive, caring and supportive learning environment where students feel safe and comfortable to express their individuality.  In doing so, we protect students from thoughts and feelings that may have a negative impact on their learning, motivation achievement and their relationships with others.



We believe that in order for students to fulfill their potential, they need to be able pay attention, follow directions, stay motivated and control impulses.  At JIS, we use the IB PYP Scope and Sequence along with 'Second Step' programme to teach students skills for learning (being respectful, focusing attention and listening, using self talk, being assertive) as tools to foster positive and lasting relationships, show empathy towards others, and to promote self-regulation.  These are important for reception readiness, school, and life success.  

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