Weather warnings in Hong Kong - important informaton

At times due to extreme weather, it may be necessary to close the school for the day or part of the day. It is important that all members of the school community listen to weather broadcasts and monitor the school website. At no time should parents or students do anything regarding journeys to school that may endanger their safety. Should the school be advised to close during the school day, all students will be looked after at school, until it is safe to release them to a parent or guardian. If warnings or guideance is issued before the start of the school day, parents and guardians are advised to follow instructions carefully.

If parents suspect the school (before opening hours) might be closed due to typhoons, flooding, or landslips they should watch/listen to local media before sending students to school. The Education Department has a pre-prepared recording (2891-0088) if schools are closed. Urgent notices will also be placed on the front page of the school website to give advice or support to families. Please read the following information very carefully.

Red Rainstorm Warning / Black Rainstorm Warning / Typhoon Signal #8 - before 8:00am

If any severe weather warnings are posted before school starts, the school will be closed for the day and the following steps will be taken:

  • Any accompanied students arriving at school will be asked to return home, providing the conditions are safe to travel.
  • Unaccompanied students will stay at school and their parents/guardians or bus company will be contacted to arrange transportation home, when it is safe to do so.
  • Staff will remain at the school until all students have been picked up and accounted for.

Red Rainstorm Warning - during school hours

In the event that the Red Rainstorm Warning is hoisted while school is in session, lessons will be suspended and the school will contact the parents (via the school communication network text message/phone). Parents have the option of collecting their children if it is safe to travel or leaving them at school until weather conditions improve. Similarly, the bus company will determine if it is safe to pick up the students. Staff will remain at school until all students have left safely or have been accounted for.

Black Rainstorm Warning or Typhoon Signal #8 - during school hours

In the event that the Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted while school is in session, it would not be safe to travel so students will stay in school and lessons will continue until the warning is reduced to at least Red level. The school will then follow the procedure set out above in the "Red Rainstorm Warning - during school hours" section.


Other significant weather warnings - AQHI, Hot weather warnings, pollution levels

The school will also take note of hot weather warnings, average UVA readings and the A.P.I. (Air Pollution Index). Around the school we have A.P.I. charts which visually advise of  the current levels that may affect activities at school. During times of potentially worsening air pollution JIS staff will monitor the HK Govt. AQHI (Air Quality Health Index) and adjust the activities of the students accordingly. There are visual charts around the school building to give the students an awareness of the A.P.I. before they off to recess or break times.

The wearing of school hats will be actively enforced , especially for those students who are playing on the outdoor astro turf area. On very hot days, students will be encouraged to play within the shaded areas.

If the A.P.I. (Air Pollution Index) reaches dangerous levels, children will not play outside but will remain in their classrooms for recess and lunch break. JIS will liaise with Sports International Services (SIS) regarding the provision of after school activities, which may have to be moved indoors or cancelled in extreme cases of unheathy air conditions.

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